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H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria limited liability company for real estate business; H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria Ltd.
Ulica grada Vukovara 269F 10000 Zagreb · Croatia 

The company is based in Zagreb; Ulica grada Vukovara 269 / F and was entered in the commercial register under number 081292866n (MBS).

The personal identification number (OIB) is 43821729420; the sole shareholder is H.M.Z. Villa d.o.o. and the managing director, Mr. Manfred Zand.  

Phone +38 599 423 49 85

Director: Manfred Zand
Contact: Alexander Zand, e-mail

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Katharina Rehberger

Terms & conditions


We thank you for your booking and ask you to consider the following:

Introductory notes

The company H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. provides accommodation and entertainment services in accordance with the general terms and conditions and in accordance with the confirmation and specification of the respective booking. H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. is not liable for any circumstances beyond our control, such as wars, terrorism, riots and riots, strikes, natural disasters and natural events, epidemics, bans and restrictions by local authorities and the like.

Bookings and payment

When making the booking, the guest confirms that he has been informed of these general terms and conditions and accepts them in full. When booking, the guest must provide all the information requested in the course of the booking process. Inquiries and bookings are accepted via our website, post, email, fax, telephone or in person at our reception. All of the following is already due to its guidance for both the guest and for H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. binding. In order for the booking to be considered effective, the guest has to make a down payment i. H. v. to perform [30]%. The booking confirmation must be presented at the reception upon arrival. The remaining amount of the invoice is to be paid at the reception of the accommodation object at the latest on the start day of the use of the service.

Tourist tax

The tourist tax is payable directly to the reception of the accommodation when checking in the guest.

Service prices

The service price represents the amount shown in the price list, shown in Croatian kuna (HRK) per day. H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. reserves the right to change performance prices at any time. Guests who have made a deposit or acceptable booking guarantee will be guaranteed by H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. the prices currently valid for the booking made.

Duties of H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. towards their guests

The duty of H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. consists in continual concern for the quality of the service provided in accordance with the legal regulations, technical rules and generally customary practices and customs in the tourism and catering industry. H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. is not liable for the loss or damage to personal property, nor for injuries, accidents or deaths during the guests' stay. The guests use all content of H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. at their own risk.

Duties of the guests

Guests must comply with the house rules. H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice if the prescribed rules of the house rules are not adhered to despite previous warnings.


According to the Law on Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products, smoking in the objects is not allowed.

Night rest

From 11:00 pm to 7:00 am is the time of night's sleep, so we ask the guests to be friendly and not disturb other guests by noise.


Pets are allowed / disallowed (subject to prior notification). The fee for a pet is [15] Euro per day.

Booking cancellation

If the guest wishes to change or cancel the booking made on his request, he must do so in writing (by e-mail, post or fax).

The booking can be canceled anytime before arrival. The following fees apply for cancellations:

[- 60% for a cancellation of 21 to 15 days before planned service;
- for a cancellation of 14 to 8 days before use 80%;
- for a cancellation of 7 to 0 days before use 100%; and
- for the cancellation of a last minute booking 100% of the total price of the reservation.]

In case of late or early arrival the full price of the reservation must be paid.
All fees mentioned in this article are payable within [14 days] from receipt of confirmation of booking cancellation.

Arrival and departure

Guests can check in any time after [4] pm on the day of arrival.
Guests are required to vacate the accommodation unit by [10:00] on the day of departure at the latest.


At the premises in which guests are located, guests have free parking available.

Deposit for damages

When checking in (villas in Vabriga), the guest is required to pay a deposit of EUR [900].
At check-in (Villas Helena Porec) the guest is required to pay a deposit of EUR [1500].
The deposit will be returned in full to the guest upon check-out if no damage has been done to the property.


The Guest undertakes to reimburse all costs of damage or loss incurred as a result of intentional or unintentional acts committed by himself or by other persons staying on holiday with him. The guest is liable for the damage in full amount of damages.

Protection of personal data

The H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. is committed to protecting the privacy of all guests. All data relating to guests is kept strictly confidential and is only accessible to employees who need this data to carry out their activities.


The guest is entitled to submit his written complaint in the property himself or by post, remote data transmission or fax. H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o. has to answer the complaint in writing within 15 days from its submission.


All disputes or disagreements shall be settled by consensus, in a manner acceptable to both parties. If such a settlement can not be brought about, the competent court in Zagreb is responsible for any legal dispute.