Who runs the competition:

H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria limited liability company for real estate business; H.M.Z. Luxury Villas Istria Ltd.
Ulica Petra Hektorovića 2, 10000 Zagreb · Croatia

Who can participate in the competition and who is excluded:
All Facebook users over the age of 18 (of legal age) are eligible to participate. Participants under the age of 18 need parental consent, which is required by HMZ Luxury Villas Istria. Employees of H.M.Z Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o or its affiliates, including their families, are excluded from participation.

How to win:
Prerequisites for winning are "liking" the Luxury Villas Istria Facebook page and leaving a comment on the posting (s) associated with the competition.

Beginning and end of the competition:
The Facebook competition campaign starts with the corresponding publication of the competition entry and is limited in time.

What you can win in the competition:
You can win 4 nights in one of the HMZ Luxury Villas Istria in Vabriga for 4 people - redeemable according to availability until the end of October 2020.

How the winner is determined:
After the end of the campaign, the winner will be randomly determined, closed to the public, and promptly notified and announced.

How does the prize get to the winner:
An employee from our sales team will notify the winner via Facebook Messenger. The prize will be redeemed and consumed in one of the HMZ Villas. The time of redemption depends on the desired date and the associated availability and will be determined in consultation with the winner of HMZ Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o.

What happens if the winner does not report:
If the winner does not reply to our private message within 72 hours, the random process is used again to determine another winner. In this case, the original winner loses the claim to the prize.

Privacy policy / notices:
HMZ Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o is entitled to exclude individuals from participation if there are legitimate reasons, e.g. B. Violation of the conditions of participation, participation via third parties (intermediaries, collective participation, etc.), registration via a provider whose business purpose is, among other things, the manipulation of competitions or other inadmissible influencing of the competition etc. HMZ Luxury Villas Istria doo collects and uses personal data Data of the participants only to the extent permitted by law or the participants consent to this.

Exemption from Facebook:
This competition is not related to Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. Participants cannot make any claims against Facebook that arise in connection with participation in the competition.


HMZ Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o reserves the right to adjust, modify or end the competition at any time. Circumstances that can lead to this are e.g. Disruption of the competition due to force majeure, legal reasons, technical reasons or manipulation of the competition by third parties. HMZ Luxury Villas Istria d.o.o is not liable for consequences that arise from participation in the competition and are outside the area of responsibility. No cash redemption possible. The prize cannot be passed on to third parties.